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We Make Brands 

The University Of Chicago's Premier Marketing Consultancy

Our Mission

We provide professional marketing services to businesses across the country and support students in their exploration of the industry.

Our vision is to grow the on-campus marketing community  across a variety of majors and career interests.









The world-class curriculum offered by the University of Chicago lacks hands-on experience in marketing. Passionate students enjoy learning in the classroom, but they want to do more with their education.  


The Mark brings students and professionals together. Students gain real-world experience in advertising, tech, strategy, and creative services while helping our business partners.  

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During their undergraduate career, members are granted an in-depth look into the marketing field that cannot be found in regular curricula. Together, we generate competitive strategies and creative deliverables for businesses each academic quarter. 


A successful career in marketing-consulting  requires a lively, outside-the-box mindset. Our members embody this energy.


We work with some of the nation's best up-and-coming brands. A strict attitude of professionalism is key to our success.


The work we put into supporting businesses culminates in deliverables implemented by our clients, a milestone that helps everyone succeed.


We know what’s at stake, but we also care about our close-knit community. At our core, we are a family inside and outside of client work. 

Our Services

We put empathy first. As we develop close relationships with our clients, we go above and beyond to determine what is best for their brand and business. 

Brand Management

Conduct research to understand how your brand is perceived in the market.

Content Creation

Design and create content for attracting potential customers to your website.

Digital Strategy 

Generate plans to achieve your business goals via digital initiatives.

Social Media

Leverage powerful platforms to connect with your audience and drive traffic.

SEO Strategy

Outline and execute steps to improve your search engine rankings.

Website Design

Improve your website UX and copy so that you maximize the impact of your brand.

Meet Our Team

Let's Connect

Contact us with new partnership opportunities. No matter your marketing needs, we'll provide pro bono services to help make your brand shine.

Thanks - we can't wait to hear from you!

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